CPA Rebirth Review – Watch Me Buy & Review It

Today I’ll be reviewing a product called CPA Rebirth.

Aside from having a catchy product name, the vendors have quite a reputation.  This makes the 45th featured offer for James Renouf on Warrior Plus (who is also the most followed vendor), and Shane Nathan is the go-to guy for Warrior Plus vendors.

If you don’t know, CPA stands for Cost Per Action.  In a nutshell, you get paid a fee when you get someone to do a specific action – such as entering an email address, making a purchase, etc.  The required action depends on the offer you promote.

CPA marketing is often viewed as a tough nut to crack, especially for newbies.  CPA Rebirth aims to solve that issue.  The video below dives into deeper detail.

Pros & Cons

Cons:  You’ll be using a paid traffic source, although dirt cheap ($0.001).  You can do an initial test with $10, so you won’t need a second mortgage.  Also, if you need your Ebook to be perfectly formatted, you may have an issue with the lack of spacing between paragraphs.  If not, you’ll be fine.

Pros:  This is a 30+ page PDF that isn’t super long and just gets to the point.  It makes CPA marketing digestible for pretty much anyone.  While some may view paid traffic as a negative, it allows you to scale up quickly.

You can grab CPA Rebirth by clicking here.

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