About Me
My name is Clif.
You may be wondering why my website is called Cerebral Architect.  It's also possible that such a question never crossed your mind, but I'm going to explain it anyway because that's what I do - explain things.  I also tend to write lengthy sentences that should probably be condensed.
As some of you may already know, 'cerebral' means of or relating to the brain or the intellect.  As a deep thinker, it describes me pretty well.  Actually, I'm practically Einstein compared to some of the life forms I see roaming the Earth.
So, where did 'architect' come from then?  I know your curiosity is burning for the answer.  If the burning persists, I'd advise seeking a medical professional.
I'm the architect of everything I create.  Those creations start rough drafting themselves in mind.  Getting the picture?  If not, here's a camera.  I'll wait patiently, but not for long.
 2012 - Me being photographed while filming/photographing other things

As for what I create, some would call me a connoisseur of value propositions.  Others might consider me somewhat full of myself.  They're probably both right, but so is a broken clock twice a day - all while being apathetic of time zones.
I've been creating online videos since 2007.  What started as a hobby has since transformed into more.
Now, I create video courses & ebooks to share my knowledge & experience with others on how to run an online business.  I also do product reviews of internet marketing courses and softwares.
Now that you've read this riveting piece of literary ingenuity, you know more about me...unless you already knew me.  If so, I hope you enjoyed the rerun of today's episode.
I should get paid to write this stuff.  Hmmm...
"People with goals succeed, because they know where they're going." - Earl Nightingale
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